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Lineages and Results Hub for Y-DNA Testing of Surnames BIDDLE/BECHTEL and Variations
plus Pending Tests for New Members and a List of Progenitors
The Lineages and Results tables for the different haplogroups are on separate pages.
Y-DNA Haplogroups Represented in the Project
(n = number tested / number of progenitors)
E (n = 3 / 2) I1 (n = 4 / 4) I2 (n = 2 / 1) J2 (n = 1 + 7 / 1) R1a (n = 1 / 1) R1b (n = 26 / 11)

See below for Pending Tests for New Members and a List of Progenitors.
Logically, haplotypes (based on STR [short tandem repeat] testing) should correlate with haplogroups (based on SNP [single nucleotide polymorphism] testing), and they do.  The correlation between haplotypes and haplogroups allows one to deduce the haplogroup from the haplotype, without the added expense of SNP testing.  In the results tables, haplogroup designations without a corresponding SNP test are deductions based on the haplotype.  For common haplotypes, the haplogroup deductions are usually correct; for questionable haplotypes, the deductions can be wrong.  In these cases, FTDNA, as part of its "Haplogroup Assurance" policy, will conduct a "backbone" SNP test, free of charge, to securely determine the basic haplogroup. 

The "modal" haplotypes for the haplogroup subclades given in the tables are just that (i.e., the most common pattern for the subclade); there are variations from the modal pattern, and variations at non-defining markers do not necessarily rule out membership in the subclade.

SNP is treated, both in speech and in writing, as a word, "snip," not spelled out "S-N-P."  Hg is an abbreviation for Haplogroup. NPE is the acronym for "Non-Paternal Event," meaning a hidden adoption or illicit paternity in an individual's ancestry.
Viewing Tip:  hold your cursor over a linked name in a lineage.  The full names of the husband and his spouse(s) will appear in the Status Bar of your browser.

New Members — First Results Pending
Kit Sent
Kit Returned
First Results
Surname Kit
Markers Ordered Known Lineage
37 67 111
20 Mar 2014       BEDLE 338714   Pvt… Joel BEDLE, presumed one of the Essex BEDELLs
First results (markers 1-12) can be expected about six to eight weeks after return of the kit, at which time the subject will be moved to one of the haplogroup results tables (i.e., as soon as the haplogroup is known).
Test kits have a long shelf life, until they're used.  Even if you've kept your test kit a long time without using it, you can still take the sample and return the kit.  If you've taken the sample, but not returned it for an extended period, please request a replacement kit.  Likewise, if the kit has been lost, either by you or in the mail, or if the kit was simply ruined in some way, just contact FTDNA or your project admin to request a replacement kit.  There is no charge for a replacement kit.

List of Progenitors — always under construction
[If you have a progenitor you want added to the list, please contact me.]
Earliest Known Ancestor in Europe, then the United States
(progenitors listed chronologically within region; U.S. states listed roughly North to South)
Germany Joh. Burkhart BECHTEL (c1725-1790) Pfalz to Chester Co., PA, to Dauphin Co., PA R1b-M269
Deme 6
George BECHTOL (c1772-1858) — of Chester Co., PA, to Coshocton Co., OH
Joseph H. BIDDLE (c1787-1878) — of Delaware Co., PA
Andreas BÜTTEL and Hans Georg BÜTTEL (b. by 1731- ) — Germany > PA
arr. Philadelpia 2 Nov 1752 on ship, Phoenix, out of Rotterdam; many descendants, BITTLE/BIDDLE/etc.
free test!
Friedrich Eduard BECHTHOLD (1849- ) — of Germany I1-L338
England Robert BEDELL (c1610s-1701) Fairsted, Essex, England, to Long Island, NY R1b-M269
Deme 1
Daniel BEIGLE/BEEGLE (1806-    ) NJ > PA > Wood Co., OH > Madison Co., AL
Stephen BEDELL (1816-1894) — of Brooklyn, NY
William J. BEADLE (1818-1896) — of Crawford Co., PA
BIDDLE > FROST NPE — of Long Island, NY
William BIDDLE (1630-1712) London, England, to Burlington Co., NJ I2-L38
John BEEDLE (c1756- ) — of Upper Sapey, Herefordshire, England
John BIDDLE (c1661-1734) — of Norton Regis, West Midlands, England R1b-M269
Deme 2
Thomas BUDDELL (1717- ) — of Ladock, Cornwall, England R1b-M269
Deme 3
William BUDDLE (1735- ) — of Kent, England
William BUDDLE (1798- ) — of England I1-M253
Deme 2
Ireland Thomas BITTLES (c1820s-1898) — of co. Armagh, Ireland R1b-M269
Deme 11
and/or Ohio
then westwards
mainly across
the middle tier
of states
Samuel BECHDEL (1700-1758) — of York Co., PA R1b-M269
Deme 8
plus two matching BECHTELs who are not project members
plus a matching BACHTELL who is not a project member
Mathias BECHTEL (1750s-1826) — of Berks Co., PA R1b-M269
Deme 4
 Jacob BECHTOLD (c1770s-    ) — of Lebanon Co., PA
Peter BECHTEL (1766-1838) — of Berks Co., PA R1a-M198
Peter BEGHTOL (1782-1865) — of PA, then Schuyler Co., IL E-M35.1
Deme 2
John BEGHTOL (1785-1855) — of PA, then Schuyler Co., IL
plus a matching BECHTOLD who is not a project member
Peter BECHTEL (1802-    ) — of Huntingdon Co., PA R1b-M269
Deme 9
plus a matching BEEDLE who is not a project member
Gail Junior BECHTOL (1923-    ) — of Montpelier, OH R1b-M269
Deme 5
North Carolina
then westwards
Robert BITTLE (c1720s-1795) — of Southampton Co., VA E-M35.1
Deme 1
John BITTLE (1770-1835) — of Northampton Co., NC, then Union Co., IL R1b-M269
Deme 10
Basset A. BEADLES (1775-1846) — VA > NC > Weakley Co., TN R1b-M269
Deme 7
LETT > BIDDLE NPE — last of Philadelphia, PA I1-M253
Deme 1
Joseph LETT, Sr. ( -1808) — of Mecklenburg Co., VA
BEIGLE — awaiting lineage I1-L22
genetic genealogy
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