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101 (Research):Rebecca is shown in the 1860 census as 20 making her birth year 1840. This is supported by the 1840 census. Biddle, Rebecca (I280)
102 (Research):Record of death of Rebecca Biddle mentions that she is survived by husband William, son Hensen and daughter Mrs. Mira Mitchell. Biddle, Jamima Mira (I1544)
103 (Research):Record of death of Rebecca Biddle mentions that she is survived by husband William, son Hensen and daughter Mrs. Mira Mitchell. Census records list this individual as "Charles H. Biddle". Biddle, Charles Hensen (I1622)
104 (Research):Referred to as Mary "Jean" in Matviya reference. However, 1930 census clearly shows her name as Mary "G" Biddle, Mary G. (I1456)
105 (Research):Robert is buried in McKeesport Versailles Cemetery in Section H-Singles, Row #20, g rave #27. The place of death was listed as Lincoln Township. His cause of death was listed as drown while bathing. Robert was 56 years old when he die

The Daily News; Tuesday Evening, July 21, 1914 - Weather- Tomorrow, generally Fair

Father Sinks To His Death As Son Looks. Robert F. Markle, Contracting Painter, Drowns in the Yough. Body Is Recovered

Boy says "Come On, Let's Go Home' minutes before the tragedy. Stopped on way from work to take a bath - Robert F. Markle, Sr, 54 years old of Lincoln Township, a well known contracting painter, was drowned in the Youghegheny River late yesterday afternoon with his eight year old son, Robert F. Markle, Jr., as witness. The body was recovered a few hours after Markle went down for the last time.

The Elder Markle had been in the water at a point opposite the seamless tube works for some time with his son sitting on the bank watching him. The boy became restless and said to his father: "Come On, Papa, Let's Go Home". All right, said the father, "in a minute" -- that minute was fatal. As Markle seemed to be taking a last dive, he was attacked with cramps. He struggled and screamed to his boy, but the child, stricken dumb by the scene, was unable to do anything to aid his father and saw him finally go under never to arise. The boy was crying and much excited when a colored lad happened along, but he as unable to tell the colored boy of the tragedy and ask him to summon aid. The colored boy ran to the plant of the McKeesport Tinplate Company and soon a number of men were on the scene. Some comforted the Markle boy, who was pleading for his father to come from the water alive. Other rigged grappling hooks from pieces of pipe with which they brought the body to the surface two hours after the drowning. When he was towed ashore and laid on the banks, the Markle boy almost collapsed. The body was recovered by W.F. Wilmett and C.J. Dannenhauer. m en from the seamless tube works were attracted by the cries of the boy for help, but they arrived on the scene too late to save Markle.

The Markles reside in Lincoln Township at the head of Deadman's Hollow. The elder Markle had been painting in Port Vue. He started home early and on the way decided to take a bath in the river, little thinking that it would be his last. Robert Franklin Markle was born in West Newton in 1860. He leaves a widow and eight chidren as follows: Mrs Lyda Markle; Clyde, Strickler; and Robert F. Markle; Cette, Susan, and Aretha at home; Mrs. Ethel Hoak and Mrs. Erda Hoak, of Liberty borough. Four brothers, Hiram; Gaspar; Cyrus; and Albert and three sisters reside in West Newton. He had been a resident of this vicinity for the past 35 years and was well known. The body was taken to Volk's morgue and the coroner notified.

McKeesport Daily News
McKeesport Heritage Center
Robert and Lida were third cousins and shared the same Great Great
Grandfather, Johann Gaspard Markle 
Markle, Robert Franklin (I1275)
106 (Research):Source: JVT Journals Vol. 1, p. 31 (Bible Record)

For parents and siblings of Nancy Markle - See: http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=lutherandj&id=I0391

Markle, Nancy Jane (I1700)
107 (Research):Spelling difference: Spelled Mertle in 1910 census, but Myrtle in 1920 McWilliams, Myrtle (I1056)
108 (Research):Spelling is questionable. Name was illegible in 1860 census Lynch, Orphen (I1085)
109 (Research):Spelling is questionable. Name was illegible in 1860 census Lynch, Thapolis (I1084)
110 (Research):Spelling of last name is spelled "McMannis" in 1910 Census McManus, Thomas (I634)
111 (Research):Surname spelling was "Shelenberger" in the 1910 census, but was "Sullenberger" in the 1920 census. George had died prior to the 1920 census.

Surname "Sullenberger" is confirmed via the Marriage Records at http://westmorelandweb400.us:8088/EGSPublicAccess.htm 
Sullenberger, George (I1289)
112 (Research):Susanna immigrated in 1907, but 1920 census record does not indicate Naturalization status Kohlmaier, Susanna Stephanie (I1502)
113 (Research):The 1920 Census indicates that Gladys was born from a previous marriage of William. She was apparently not living with her father during the 1900 census period. Gladys' mother is unknown Mitchell, Gladys (I240)
114 (Research):The Family Bible shows them married June 29, 1905. The hand-written note in the family record shows 1904 as year. Brown, Elizabeth Scott (I21)
115 (Research):The majority of general information (names, dates, and locations) for this family, including their extended family, were provided by John Matviya via email from Beverly Borneman. Biddle, William H. Davidson (I1624)
116 (Research):There is a conflict in date of death:

1. Family Bible: Jan 1955
2. Headstone inscription: 1952 
Biddle, Florence Amanda (I255)
117 (Research):There is a discrepancy in the Census age of Lillie. Her 1920 age is shows as is shown as 24, but the 1930 census shows her as 40.

Lillie's Surname "Laughlin" is based upon the 1930 census when "George Laughlin" is residing with William and Lillie and is shown as William's brother-in-law. 
McLaughlin, Lillie (I228)
118 (Research):There is a discrepancy in this name. The Biddle Family Bible shows the name as Nellie M. Price in one place and Pierce in another. The LDS source shows the name as Nellie M. Pierce. Pierce, Nellie M. (I1300)
119 (Research):This 1900 census is questionable; considering the 1900 for David Fowler which also attempts to show him in 1900

1900 census for John W Biddle and his mother is dated 19 Jun 1900 in Jefferson TWP.
1900 census for David Fowler is dated (Not very eligible) 10 June 1900 in McKeesport 
Biddle, John W. (I329)
120 (Research):This date of birth is just a "guess" based upon Patsy's info that she died at less than one year old. Too early for 1920 census and shortly after their marriage in 1918. Podesta, Dorothy (I719)
121 (Research):This person has been referred to as:
- "Bill" in West Jefferson Hills Historical Society Website
- "Carl" in 1910 Census
- "William C" in 1930 Census 
Castor, William Carl (I958)
122 (Research):Though correctly cited in the 1910 census, both Francis and Sadie's age in the 1920 census are incorrect; shown as 67 and 63 respectively. Their ages should be 57 and 53. McWilliams, Francis J. (I1455)
123 (Research):Unk based upon 1840 census record Biddle, Daughter (I882)
124 (Research):Volusia County Marriages, Book "G" part 2: 1922 To July 1923
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives
by Bill Morgan, ke4ho@hughes.net


Oliver L. MOODY Margaret B. BIDDLE JUNE 3, 1923 G 267 
Moody, Lloyd Oliver (I139)
125 (Research):William and Rebecca Biddle family includes "Isaac Davis", listed as "Brother-in-law" to William, presumably Rebecca's brother Davis, Rebecca (I1621)
126 (Ruffsdale)E.Huntingdon, Westmoreland County, Pa. roll T625_1663, page11B, Image 0661 ED#93 Markle, Rachael F. (I1706)
127 - County Roads
Parsons, Samuel P. (I196)
128 .

(Research):1900 census has Markle indexed as Makle, in Mifflin Twp. 
Markle, Joseph M. (I1701)
129 .

(Research):1920 Census shows son named Walter and indicates that he is 4 yrs, 9 months old 
Biddle, Clarence Walter (I89)
130 .
Biddle, William G. (I1249)
131 Allshouse, Anna Elizabeth (I1523)
132 10th Ward McKeesport Biddle, William B. (I348)
133 1860 census Source (S12)
134 1860 census shows him born in Ohio Castor, Robert H. (I1130)
135 1870 census Source (S14)
136 1900 Census indicates that Mary Stearns Lindsay produced only two births and lists those as James E. and Lida E. "Harriet's" birth year pre-dates, by 4 years, the date of the parents' marriage as listed in the 1900 census. Stearns, Mary Prisilla (I320)
137 1920 Census Meadville, Harry Allen (I484)
138 1920 census - niece Clara Sullenberger 11, is living with Roger and Ella Dove. Dove, Roger W. (I1286)
139 1930 census shows Phyllis was 19 when first married; (1919) Family F36
140 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F71
141 313 1st Street, West Elizabeth PA Biddle, Albert Franklin Sr. (I298)
142 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I26)
143 613 Willow Ave Biddle, Harry E. (I1020)
144 A direct descendant of Thomas Warne, one of the first proprietors of New Jersey. Warne, Estelle (I491)
145 A lawyer and a competitor in the Bermuda yacht races. Biddle, Frederick (I119)
146 A Major, graduated West Point in 1895. Biddle, William Shepard (I311)
147 A map (unidentified date) identifies west of Bernhard's Bay and Bernhard's Point is Dickinson Islan and Dickinson Point. An 1867 Atlas lists Isaac P. Dickinson as a shash and blind manufacturer in Cleveland. An Almon Dickinson who owned a 150 acre farm; and Charles, Samuel F., William P. and Henry W. Dickinson were farmers in Bernhard's Bay with over 300 acres between them. By the time of his death, three of his children were living in New York State. Dickinson, John P. (I121)
148 A son of this Joseph, John, was a registered cattle owner in 1722, suggesting the approximate date of birth for Joseph as 1681. The generational separation of Joseph from his presumed son, Joseph, is extremely narrow. However, if the assumption is made that this Joseph and his presumed son, Joseph, are the same, the generational separation becomes too large and it becomes very difficult to explain the clear identification of John as the son of Joseph in registering the cattle mark with more than 10 years separation in the dates of birth of the children as currently recorded.

Henry Onderdonk, Jr., The Annals of Hempstead; 1643 to 1832; Also, The Rise and Growth of the Society of Friends On Long Island and In New York, 1657 to 1826 (Hempstead, NY: Lott Van de Water, Publisher, 1878), p 68: Joseph and his brother David are listed among owners of meadow on a neck called Hungry Harbor who had met to fence it according to every man's proportion to keep it from damage.

Joseph was a farmer and likely a fuller. He probably resided at Rockaway, Long Island as late as April of 1728. His name first appears on the Hempstead town books on 24 Nov 1712 when he registered his stock mark as "a nick under the right ear". Joseph and his brother, David, were owners of the meadow land on "hungry harbor neck" at Hempstead, 22 Apr 1718. On 6 Apr 1725, Hempstead granted Joseph Bedel the right to set up a fulling mill on Rockaway River. At a Hempstead town meeting on 4 Apr 1727, Joseph Bedel was given 97 acres on the "east side of ye Rockaway River near ye fulling mill" in the right of Stephen Hudson. No notice of a Joseph Bedell in Hempstead appears after 2 Apr 1728 until 1738 when a Joseph Bedle is listed as a private in Capt. Jacob Hickes' Queens County Company of militia [DHNY 4:210 and CMR 1:577]. Private Joseph is most likely a younger man.

Consequently, the assumption is that this Joseph is not the Private Joseph in 1738. It is possible, but not likely, that he is the Joseph Beadle who on 1 Nov 1733 is appointed by the Colonial legislature as a commissioner to "let to farm the excise" [tax assessor] for Richmond County from 1 Jan 1734 to 1 Jan 1735; and reappointed to that office until the beginning of 1739 [Colonial laws of New York, vol 2, pp 820, 849, 903, 929, 942].

The next notice of a Joseph Beadle of Richmond is in the last will of William Tillyer of Richmond, appointing him executor, dated 1 Dec 1738. William Tillyer is the son-in-law of Joseph Bedell, Jr., the son of this Joseph. Therefore, it is possible, but not likely, that Joseph, Sr. dies sometime during the year 1738, assuming that the appointments beginning in 1733 are for Joseph, Sr. and not Joseph, Jr. Neither Joseph, Sr. or Joseph, Jr. is likely to be the Private Joseph in Capt. Hickes' Queens County Company in 1738. More likely, Joseph, Sr. dies within a year or two after the Spring of 1728 in Hempstead, Queens County, at the homestead on the Rockaway River.

It is clear that substantial in depth research is needed to validate the generational structure of Joseph and his descendants. For example, if it was not for his grandson John's cattle mark entry as the son of Joseph, a case can be made that this Joseph who married unknown, and the Joseph who married Hannah Dissosway [Dissoway], the assumed son of this Joseph, are possibly one and the same. This would make the generational length more extended than usual, and, therefore, less likely than the assumption that Joseph, Sr. and Joseph, Jr. based on the limited distinctive documentation and gaps in chronology are father and son.

Stryker, Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War, p 147: The problem of accurate identification of various Joseph Bedell's is expanded by the record in this source of a Joseph Bedell serving in Captain Patterson's Company, Third Battalion, New Jersey, Second Establishment, and also in the militia. 
Bedell, Joseph (I076)
149 ABBR McKeesport and Versailles Cemetery Records Source (S381)
150 Abraham witnessed the will of Joseph Hall of Hempstead on 22 Mar 1744 [New York Archives, Wills, Liber 15, p 197]. The last record of Abraham in the Hempstead records is as a witness of the last will of Caleb Carman of Hempstead, dated 9 Sep 1720 [WNYHS vol 11, p 48]. The next mention of an Abraham Bedell is over 20 years later, and indicates that either Abraham passed away or moved elsewhere. NYGBR, A&C (Additions and Corrections): Probably died between 14 Oct 1723 [HTR vol 8, pp 270, 371] and 1739 since he is not listed in Hickes' Queens County Company of Militia of 1738 [CMR vol 1, pp 576-577]. He had a farm in the "South Woods" later [HTR vol 8, p 371]. Abraham and his brother Richard were given Daniel's homestead in town in 1714. An Abraham (b. Abt 1723) was living in the "town spot" a short time before 1779. He was not the son of Richard (NYGBR No. 15) and was probably the son of this Abraham.

The following undated rights were laid out or referred to Abraham:

1 acre and 90 sq. rods "in his farm where he now liveth in the South woods" of Hempstead, in the right of John Bates [HTR vol 8, p 371]. 16 1/2 acres "at his farm in the South Woods," in the right of John Bates, Jr. [HTR vol 8, p. 371]. Mordecai Lester had a right laid out consisting of 11 1/4 acres on the west side of the road which led "from Abraham Bedels to Liningtons old mill" [HTR vol 8, p 371].

Tredwell, Additions and Corrections: He probably died between 14 Oct 1723 and 1739. 
Bedell, Abraham (I062)

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