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201 Bunker gives only year of marriage with the year 1776; C. H. Bedell gives date of marriage as 28 Nov 1776 [Ceylon H. Bedell, Bedell Family Notes, p. 3]. Married by license 28 Jan 1777 ["Records of St. George's Church, Hempstead, LI," NYGBR, vol 14, p 73]. Marriage Bonds, vol 24, p 11 gives date of license of 11 Jan 1777. Family F57
202 Bunker, Long Island Genealogies, p 173 reports her death as 1 Aug 1791. She was living on 2 Jun 1787, the date of Jeremiah's will. One transcription of the marriage record gives maiden name as Beden. Another transcription source gives maiden name as Belden. Another source gives her maiden name as Balden. Another source states her maiden name as Burden. However, Huffman states that different spellings of the names listed in his Baldwin marriages have been thoroughly researched to assure that they are Baldwins. Possibly the daughter of Joseph and Mary Baldwin, baptized 30 Apr 1728.

Peters, Powells of the Hudson Valley sources and notes: 1) Walter Burke letter, 9 Oct 1980; 2) Harold Smith Papers, New York State Library; 3) gives date of death as 1 Aug 1791. 
Baldwin, Mary (I044)
203 C. H. Bedell gives date of marriage as 19 Jun 1782. Married by license, 24 Jun 1782 ["Records of St. George's Church, Hempstead, LI," NYGBR, vol 16, pp 111-113]. Family F66
204 Cadwalader graduated from the College department of the University of Pennsylvania in the class of 1856, and from the law department of the same institution in 1859. He was admitted to the Philadelphia bar in the same year. During the War of the Rebellion most of the men of his family were in the service of the country and he was obliged to remain at home and care for his mother and sister, but all his efforts were used for the cause of the Union. He was one of the younger men most active in the formation lof the Union League of Philadelphia, and his was one of the first hundred names enrolled on the original membership list, and in 1865 he was a member of the Board of Directors. He never married and his life was spent in doing for others. Biddle, Cadwalader (I51)
205 Caldwll graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1846. He was a
distinguished student and was the valedictorian of his class at college. 
Biddle, Caldwell Keppele (I53)
206 CALN 30 Apr 1931 Issue Source (S1872)
207 Calvin was reported to be married and living in Pueblo, Colorado, in 1895. Biddle, Calvin (I54)
208 Car inspector - Steam Railroad Stearns, Joseph W. (I397)
209 Car Steel Co.
Chief Sampler 
Biddle, Joseph H. (I202)
210 Carpenter Hogeboom, Rei (I1301)
211 Carpenter Hogeboom, Rei (I1301)
212 Carpenter Biddle, James William (I308)
213 Carpenter Biddle, John Patterson (I254)
214 Castor, Gabriel - 1840 Census, Pennsylvania ~Series: M704 Roll: 439 Page: 135 Image 7 - Jefferson -- Male 10-15 - 1; Male 15-20 - 2; Male 20-30 - 1; Male 50-60 - 1 - Female 10-15 - 1; Female 20-30 - 1; Female 50-60 - 1 Castor, Gabriel P. (I1096)
215 Castor, Lewis - 1840 Census, Pennsylvania ~ M704 Roll: 439 Page: 135 Image 7 - Jefferson -- Male under 5 - 2; Male 10-15 - 1; Male 20-30 - 1; Female 20-30 - 1

See Series: M653 Roll: 211 Page: 1021

Castor, Lewis (I1184)
216 Castor, Sampson - 1840 Census, Pennsylvania ~Series: M704 Roll: 439 Page: 135 Image 7 - Jefferson -- Male 20-30 - 1 ; Male 50-60 - 1; Female 15-20 - 2; Female 40-50 - 1

Sampson and Sarah has 8 children 
Castor, Sampson (I1095)
217 Catherine lived next door to her parents (Benjamin Castor and Sarah Armstrong) ) during the 1870 and 1880 census periods

(Research):Benjamin Castor and "Jane" (Catherine's parents) lived next door to them in 1870

(Medical):Her doctor attended her from 21 Jan 1929 until her death from an illness of six weeks. 
Castor, Catherine (I229)
218 Caulker Biddle, Alvin Everet (I877)
219 Caulker Biddle, Alvin Everet (I877)
220 Caulker - Coast Guard Biddle, John W. (I1577)
221 Cause of Death Acute myocardial infarction GAINEY, Mary Christina (I21)
222 Cause of Death listed as Coronary Occlusion.
Contributory cause Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease. 
BITTLES, James Arthur (I20)
223 Census date is May 1910 ; Census shows William and Rachel have been married 3 yrs and they have had two children; one still living ; Lived next door to Rachel's sister (Birdie) during 1910 Census period. Source (S153)
224 Census dated 3 Sept 1850 Source (S8)
225 Census Index: U.S. Selected States/Counties, 1860

Bittles, Thomas
State : PA
County : Erie Co.
Location : Waterford Twp
Year : 1860
Page # : 1181 
BITTLES, Thomas (I29)
226 Census indicates 5 yrs of marriage, with one child; Census indicates that George's sister "Florence" and her husband lived at the same address Source (S136)
227 Census records indicated that they have been married for 21 years. Source (S267)
228 Census Taken On 30 Apr 1910; Married 3 Yrs; All Born Pa Lived Next Door To Mattie's Parents {Joseph Biddle & Nannie} Source (S150)
229 Census was taken on 5 June 1900; Census shows that Frank and Sarah had been married for 3 years and that she has given birth to three children Source (S71)
230 Ceylon H. Bedell gives date of marriage as 20 Apr 1800. Family F56
231 Ceylon H. Bedell, Bedell Family Notes gives date of marriage as 1 Jun 1814.

Dietz, "Under the Care of Friends", p 9: marriage announcement May 1814. 
Family F29
232 Ceylon H. Bedell, Bedell Family Notes, gives date of birth as 26 May 1830.
Peters, Powells of the Hudson Valley sources and notes: 1) Bedell Family Chart owned by Norman Powell gives Deborah Jane McLochlan; 2) files of Willard Powell, Medway, NY, 1971, mentioned in letter of 30 Mar 1852 from George Bedell, West Vienna, to Allen L. Dean states James was going to Mexico to get Jane and Kate; 3) listed in 1831 New Baltimore Monthly Meeting Quaker Records, Deborah Jane, b 25 Jun 1831; 4) mentioned in removal certificate in Coeymans Monthly Meeting Quaker Records, Deborah Jane, child of John and Dorcas from Coeymans to Bridgewater, 21 Sep 1836. 
Bedell, Deborah Jane (I126)
233 Ceylon H. Bedell, Bedell Family Notes, p 136 identifies date of birth as 21 Nov 1860. Delos farmed the homestead of his father, George. The original homestead comprised 80 acres to which Delos added 80 acres. Of the latter 80 acres, 60 acres were in cultivation.

His obituary states that he moved to Michigan with his parents, sisters and brothers by train to Mancelona, and then to Bellaire by ox team and wagon. He and his wife lived on a farm until his failing health forced them to move to town (Bellaire) four years before his death. "He will be remembered as an honest, hard-working man, devoted to his large family. He is survived by his wife; 11 children [named]; 29 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; five sisters and one brother [named].

Njora Brewer Everett (comp), Records of Antrim County, MI; Early Settlers, p 218: came to Section 12, Forest Home Twp in 1879.

Biographical History of Northern Michigan (B. F. Bowen and Company, 1905), p 100: ". . . Delos J. Bedell has forged to the front and won an honored place among the substantial citizens of Antrim County. He is widely and favorably known as a man of high character, and for a number of years his influence in the community has been marked and salutary. . . . [His] father is still living and commands an active interest in all passing events, retaining to a marked degree his physical and mental vigor. The original homestead comprised eighty acres, to which the subject of this sketch added eighty acres more, and of this tract of land sixty are under the plow.

"Mr. Bedell . . . received a fair elementary education and all the years of his activity have been devoted to farming pursuits. He assisted his father in reclamation and improvement of the home farm and has devoted his sole energies to the place. In addition to tilling the soil, Mr. Bedell gives considerable attention to the raising of live stock, including shorthorn cattle. Shropshire sheep and Duroc Jersey hogs. He believes that diversified farming is most practical and he makes a practice of feeding the products of the farm to the live stock. Mr. Bedell has been remarkably fortunate in his every undertaking and occupies a place in the first rank of Antrim County's farmers. He is methodical on every side and the satisfactory results he has attained proves him of sound judgment, keen discernment and the faculty of taking advantage of circumstances.

"In politics the subject is a Democrat and a man of deep political convictions. He has filled the position of road overseer of his township, filling the position with credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction of his contituents."

Peters, Powells of the Hudson Valley sources and notes: 1) Norman Powell Data Sheet 510A.

Jean Bedell Fuller, "History of the D. J. Bedell Family of Bellaire, Michigan:" By the year 2002, members of the D. J. Bedell family have been living in Bellaire for 123 years. They first moved here from Oswego County, New York in 1879, the same year the town of Bellaire was incorporated. There were 5, 236 residents of Antrim County the next year. Delos was 20 years old at the time he ventured to northern Michigan with his mother, siblings, and his aunt, Hannah McIntyre's family. His father, George Bedell came earlier by boat to Cheboygan, then Petoskey, and Mancelona before Bellaire. George's brother, Henry, Had moved to Bellaire several years before George.

"Delos' group drove by team and wagon from Oswego County to Syracuse, shipped the team and supplies ahead, and then started several days later. They went by way of Niagara Falls, Detroit, train to Grand Rapids, and arrived by train on November 14th in Mancelona. George was not there to meet them due to a mix up and the family had a rough trip through the night, into unfamiliar undeveloped land. They reunited with George at 2 a.m. The family then settled at their home on Honey Hollow Road near Bellaire and there have been Bedells in Forest Home Township since then. It had been decided ahead of time that if they didn't like northern Michigan, the family would move on to Montana, where George's sister, Nell had moved with her husband. Buth they stuck it out on the remote hill outside of Bellaire, which must have been a very hard existence. Of course, Montana life probably wouldn't have been much easier.

"Delos remained on the family farm on Honey Hollow Road for approximately 40 years. He lived with his parents, George and Almira, his brothers, widower Jeremiah and Jeremiah's two children (Gerald and Sarah. Sarah later married a Meggison and moved to Charlevoix.), and brother John. John was one year older than Delos and died of spinal meningitis in 1891. The family arranged for a young woman to stay with them to assist with the care of Gerald and Sarah. This woman was Anna Maria Gibbard. It is rumored that both Jeremiah and Delos wanted to marry her but she chose Delos, as he didn't already have children. They married October 25, 1899 and started their own family of 11 children. The parents and younger children had to move from the Honey Hollow road property during the Depression, as they weren't able to pay the taxes on it. They stayed at the homes of relatives some and then lived in several other locations around the Bellaire area. Delos died 11/27/47 of Arteriosclerotic heart disease." 
Bedell, Delos Janes (I090)
234 Ceylon H. Bedell, Bedell Family Notes, pp 137, 277 identifies date of marriage as 25 Feb 1890. Family F36
235 Ceylon H. Bedell, Bedell Family Notes, pp 49, 135: records date of death as 17 Dec 1856 which conflicts with the content of the letter by Mariam's sister, Hannah as related in the notes under her record. We have arbitrarily kept the year of death as reported by the Peters in their Research Notebook GG, p 38 while retaining the month and day reported by Ceylon Bedell. Matthews, George W. (I123)
236 Ceylon H. Bedell, in Bedell Family Notes, gives the following account from Peter S. Bedell: "Thomas Bedell, first child of Jeremiah Bedell, II married about 1792 or 1793 Esther Carman, daughter of Jacob Carman and Rachel Weeks, his wife. Thomas must have been born when his father settled the first time near Hibernia." [Hibernia is in the southeast corner of the town of Clinton. It is now a rural area, but once was a busy small community [Margaret E. Herrick, Early Settlements in Dutchess County, New York. Rhinebeck, NY: Kinship Publishers, 1994.]

"Thomas must have been about 5 years of age when they moved from Dutchess County to Greene County about 4 miles west of Hudson River near the place since called Stanton Hill. The county being new, mostly covered with timber, improvements of any kind were scarcely to be seen."

Peter S. Bedell's record in Bedell Family Notes states, "I had the privilege to go with him [his grandfather, Thomas] to attend a Quarterly [Quaker] meeting at the Creek meeting [Clinton Corners] in Dutchess County. As we were riding along, he showed me where he went to school in the north part of Stanford about two miles from Clinton Corners before they moved to Greene County. According to Peter Bedell, "Thomas Bedell and Esther, his wife, began housekeeping in a small log home adjoining or very near his father's house. The next year he sold out the small interest he had in a small piece of grain and stock to his father. They and his wife's brother, Caleb Carman, and families moved to Canada."

"They had one child, Peter. They went with small boats up the Hudson River and Mohawk River, along the shore of Oneida Lake, down the Oneida River, along the east shore of Lake Ontario. They very soon became dissatisfied. The county was nearly a dense forest. One day grandmother [Esther] was feeling badly and went out in the woods where there was a high rock and gave vent to her feelings. There she met grandfather [Thomas] behind the rock in tears, and they had their sorrow together. During that year they returned to their native home in Stanton Hill, Greene County, NY with great gratitude to see their native place again.

"They went to housekeeping in a small slab house, near the bridge west of his brothers. After one year, he and Carman purchased a farm of 100 acres on the hill one mile south. In a few years he bought out his partner and carried on the business successfully. They remained there until their son, Henry, was born. My father [Hulett] said the house was of logs, and that he was born there. When great grandfather [Jeremiah] died, grandfather [Thomas] bought the homestead and moved to it where he remained until his death. My father [Hulett] was about 15 years old when they moved.

"Thomas Bedell was a member of the Friends Society [Quaker], an earnest Christian, very much opposed to those that separated themselves from the Society -- that is, the followers of Elias Hicks. He [Thomas] was a thorugh church-going man, and was very desireous that everyone around him should enjoy the same blessing. He advocated the doctrine as held by George Fox, Robert Barclay, William Penn, Thomas Shilito, and others. He was a full believer in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as the atoning sacrifice for sin.

"He was a man of decided character, honest in all this dealings, and showed much charity. He very seldom laughted, but would smile at times. He was sober and very devoted, and, although it migh be said people feared him, yet they loved him. He was early appointed to important affairs in the service of the church, and was clerk of the monthly meeting at the age of 22. After a short time he was made clerk of the quarterly meeting; then, at the age of 29 an Elder in the church. This office he filled with reverence during his natural life, and often settled questions the church could not without him.

"It was said of Thomas Bedell in his lifetime that he was the most temperate man they ever saw and that he had a mind capable for a President of the United States. He was a regular attender of meetings, and, although never making many extension joiners, he attended the Yearly and Quarterly meetings. He was a man 5' 10' tall, broad based, well-proportioned, blue eyes, and plain in ways and apparel. He was a man that lived his profession and continued a faithful witness for his Lord and Master until his Lord called him home. He attended meeting within 10 days of his death, and gave advice but a short time before he left us. He was buried in the burial grounds where his father and mother were laid, about a mile west of his earthly home. He was clerk of the monthly meeting at Stanton Hill in 1801."

Dietz, "Under the Care of Friends", p 9: Clerk of the Stanton Hill Friends meeting.

Jean D. Worden, History of Greene County, p. 375: "The Orthodox Quaker Church on Stanton Hill was erected in 1833. Among the prominent members and early supporters were Thomas Bedell."

1813 New Baltimore Tax List: Thomas Bedell, 311 acres, 2 dwellings, 2 outbuildings, value $5800, tax $58 [The Heritage of New Baltimore].

Peters, Powells of the Hudson Valley sources and notes: 1) Norman Powell Data Sheets 519-520; 2) Edward C. Elmendorf (Ravena) letters, 13 Jun 1966 and 28 Aug 1971; 3) Harold Smith Papers, New York State Library; 4) Quaker New Baltimore Monthly Meeting Records, 1813, Thomas Bedell, b 27 Aug1773; 5) mentioned as son and executor in will ofJeremiah Bedell, d 1815, Greene County Surrogate, Catskill, Thomas, son, executor had son Jeremiah ($50); 6) 1850 Census, t New Baltimore, Thomas, age 77, lives with Gildersleeve Bedell and family.

James S. Sabin, Jr., Sabin Bedell Family Sheets sources and notes: 1) Ancestry World Tree, Ancestry Computer File; 2) Loren V. Fay (ed), Quaker Census of 1828, Kinship Publishing, 1989; 3) 1855 NY Census, Greene County; 4) LDS, IGI, NY, Bedell; 5) 1860 US Census, NY, Greene County, New Baltimore; 6) Index of Deeds, Greene County, NY, p 46; 7) LDS, IGI, 1992, NY, Bedell; 8) 1830, 1840, 1850 US Censuses; 9) Mary Powell Bunker, Long Island Genealogies, pp 172-176; 10) Cemetery Records, Stanton Hill Cemetery, t New Baltimore, Greene County, NY; 11) Friends in New Baltimore, 1813, Records of Quaker Meetings, Coeymans Monthly Meetings; 12) LDC Film #0017573, Quaker Coeymans Monthly Meeting Records, t New Baltimore, Greene County, NY; 13) Land Records, 1833, Greene County, NY, Greene County Clerk's Office; 14) Rhode Island Death Records; 15) 1828 Quaker Census.

1820 US Census, t New Baltimore, Greene County, Thomas Beadle: 2 males under 10, 3 males 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 18-26, 1 male over 45, 1 female under 10, 1 female over 45.
1828 Quaker Census: Thomas, Esther, Joseph b. 1803, Lewis b. 1805, Thomas, Jr. 20, Caleb 18, Anna 16, Henry 14, Gildersleeve 12.
1830 US Census, t New Baltimore, Greene County, Thomas Beadle: 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50.
1840 US Census, t New Baltimore, Greene County, Thomas Beadle: 2 males 15-20, 2 males 20-30, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 60-70.

The Heritage of New Baltimore (3rd ed.), p 56: In 1816, his son, Peter, sold a parcel of his farm that included the Thomas Houghtaling stone house to his father, Thomas [Greene County Book of Deeds E-2, p 30], later known as the Greenridge Farmstead -- 1759. In 1838, Thomas expanded his holdings by purchasing more of the acreage that had belonged to his deceased son. In 1843, Jeremiah F. Bedell became the owner of the entire property. The heirs of Jeremiah T. Bedell were paid $960 for the 120 acres [Greene County Book of Deeds, vol 39, p 18] with about 20 "heirs and persons in interest" who received payment from the sale of the property. The people included in this list were John V. L. Overbagh and Caroline (his wife); Isaac Witbeck and Marie (his wife); Elizabeth Verplanck; Isaac Verplanck and Charlotte (his wife); Catharine McCarty; Marie McCarty; Darvid R. McCarty and Elena (his wife); and John McCarty. [None of these persons are known descendants of Jeremiah T. Bedell.]

Thomas Bedell transferred land to his son Gildersleeve in 1841. 
Bedell, Thomas C. (I006)
237 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I120)
238 Charles is the son of Margaret and Charles E. Johnston Source (S233)
239 Charles was a lifelong resident of the Bradford area. He worked for many years as an oil field worker for the Bartley Oil Co. in Mt. Alton. He later worked for the E. W. Bisset and Son, Inc., in Bradford. His last employment was with the W. D. Fisher Ornamental Iron Co. in Bradford. He retired from there in 1960. He passed away at his home at 19 1/2 West Washington St. in Bradford. Glendine Bentley Holsinger was granted a divorce from Charles in June 1915.

The Bradford Era
January 29, 1962


A lifelong resident of the area, Charles Thomas Holsinger, 74, died at his home, 19 1/2 West Washington St., at 2:30 A.M. Sunday. He had been in ill health for the past 2 years.
Born in Gilbert Run May 31, 1887, he was the son of the late William and Elizabeth Clark Holsinger. For many years Mr. Holsinger was an oil field worker with the Bartley Oil Co. in Mount Alton, and later with E. W. Bissett and Son, Inc., in Bradford. His last employment was with the W. D. Fisher Ornamental Iron Co. here, from which he retired about 2 years ago.
He was married May 19, 1918, in Limestone, N.Y. to the former Margaret Moore, who survives.
Other survivors include 6 sons, Ralph E., Charles W., George Thomas, Emmett L., all of Bradford, Earl William of Jamestown, N.Y., and James, with the U. S. Marine Corps stationed aboard the USS Enterprise; 5 daughters, Mrs. Alfred Osborne, Mrs. James Saxton, Mrs. Phillip Graves, all of Bradford, Mrs. Richard Wheeler of Chester, and Mrs. John Hulett of Pittsburgh; l32 grand children and 7 great grandchildren.
Friends will be received at the Hollenbeck Funeral Chapel during the usual hours, beginning at 3 P.M. today. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. 
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I895)
241 Christina Williams was the daughter of Brig. Gen. Jonathan Williams, a
relative of Benjamin Franklin. 
Williams, Christina (I500)
242 City laborer Biddle, John W. (I329)
243 Clara is dau of Elizabeth (Biddle) Schelenberger; Her last name has been determined to be "Sullenberger". Source (S211)
244 Clyde works at a Tin Mill; they lived at 711 Franklin St which is next door to Joseph P. Biddle Source (S260)
245 Coal Boat Caulker Biddle, Joseph William (I230)
246 Coal miner Barnett, Robert B. (I1232)
247 Coal Miner Castor, Urich (I1190)
248 Coal miner Warren, George (I424)
249 Coal Miner Biddle, John Vincent Sr (I343)
250 Coal Miner Biddle, James P. (I340)

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