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751 Thomas Charles Coleman, had the nickname Spike because someone asked him to go get a nail and he brought back a railroad spike. He changed his name from Ludwig Gaisbauer. He was born in Lillian Field, Austria, a village associated with a Catholic monestary outside Vienna.
Ludwig Gaisbauer 
Coleman, Thomas Charles B. (I1520)
752 Thomas is reported to have first married to Martha Wiggins (born Abt 1745) in 1762 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY. Bedell Family Notes states that his first wife was a Dorland [Ceylon H. Bedell, Bedell Family Notes, p. 13], but this could be confused with his son Benjamin (see below). Bedell Family Notes [p 3] also gives date of death as 27 Dec 1824.

Thomas and Martha had two children: Sarah Clowes, b. 6 Jan 1764 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, d. 30 Aug 1843 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY. Sarah married Thomas Cooper, brother of Peter Cooper of New York, NY. Benjamin Clowes, b. 1 Apr 1767 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, d. 6 Mar 1809 in Hempsted, Long Island, NY. Benjamin first married Sarah Dorlon (Dorland?), daughter of Joseph Dorlan, in 1790. Sarah was born 11 Oct 1772, died 11 Sep 1802. They had the following children: Catharine, John Marvin, Sarah Ann, and Samuel B. Benjamin was married again, on 16 Sep 1804, to Mary Bedell, daughter of Benjamin Bedell. Mary was born 19 Sep 1781 and died 19 Apr 1818. Sources beyond Bedell Family Notes are two Clowes genealogies, one appearing in NYGBR. 
Clowes, Thomas (I024)
753 Tin worker in Tin Mill Biddle, Joseph Patterson (I504)
754 Treasurer Lewis, James A. (I419)
755 Tredwell and Margaret Wein state his birth probably took place as early as 1644, but 1648 seems more likely and "Mr. Wardwell" in correspondence to Tredwell regarding the NYGB Record articles suggests the later date. Wardwell believes that Daniel (based on his marriage date to Ann) may have been married previously. Daniel was a prosperous farmer [HTR vol 1, pp 437-438]. He was able to present each of his sons with a good amount of land.

Henry Onderdonk, Jr., The Annals of Hempstead; 1643 to 1832; Also, The Rise and Growth of the Society of Friends On Long Island and In New York, 1657 to 1826 (Hempstead, NY: Lott Van de Water, Publisher, 1878), p 25: 3 Jul 1667 -- John Chew, in testimony taken by the Justice of the Peace, affirms that when he and Daniel went down to South there was a horse of Adam Mott's, and Chew said Mott had given him permission to take the horse back. Chew stated that Daniel told him he would take the horse back, Chew consented, and helped Daniel catch the horse. Apparently, a court case arose out of this resulting in Daniel entering an action on the case against Adam Mott. The case was put off until the next court session.

30 Jan 1668 -- Daniel leased grass on the east side of "Near Rockaway" for the coming summer at a cost of 12 shillings. He enters an action of the case against Adam Mott, Jr. on 30 Jan 1668 in Hempstead records.

2 Sep 1668 -- Daniel Bedell enters an action of the case against Adam Mott, Jr.

On 30 Jan 1669, Daniel and Joseph Petet were given leave to have a fence at the "Cover neck" by the Hempstead twonsmen. On 1 Apr 1669, Daniel and Joseph Genens [Jennings?] were given all the fence in the "east ox pastures."

Henry Onderdonk, Jr., The Annals of Hempstead; 1643-1832, p 25, 6 Apr 1670: Daniel Bedell charges James Still with spoiling his scythe and cannot make it appear. The Court sees just cause that the plaintiff [Daniel] shall pay 6 shillings to the defendant and 14 shillings to the Court with costs.

On 25 Apr 1671, Daniel leased the "parsonage meadow" at "Mr. Denton's Neck" for 1 pound. There are several notices of payments in the town records by Daniel for use of land belonging to the town during the period 1671 through 1673. Daniel Beedel is listed in Myers, Early New York State Census Records, "Names of People in Hempstead, Long Island, 1673."

In the Hempstead town meeting of 18 Apr 1673, Daniel and his brothers, John and Matthew, leased meadow land from the town. Daniel was a witness in the case brought by John Junnins against Richard Totten at a court held on 3 Feb 1674. The plaintiff alleged he was "damnified to the valu of 5 pounds" because, as Daniel Bedell testified, the defendant had said that the plaintiff had stated "there was but three or four ownnist [honest?] wimmin in the townd." The court found for the defendant.

At a court held 2 Jun 1675, Daniel entered an action of debt against John Junnins for a sow with the value of 23 shillings [Onderdonk, The Annals of Hempstead, p 29]. On 22 May 1676, George Huylett [Hewlett?] of Hempstead sold to Daniel property once owned by Capt. Thomas Toppin. On 25 Dec 1676, Daniel was granted a home lot at the town meeting. On 1 Jan 1676 Joseph Pettit sold his house in Hempstead, and half of the lot connected with the house, to Daniel Bedell.

Daniel was granted 3/4 acre at the town meeting of 12 May 1680. Daniel brought an action of debt against his brother, Matthew, on 7 Dec 1681. He proved to the court's satisfaction that the defendant was indebted to him for the "most part of 18 weeks dyat" valued at 2 pounds, 9 shillings and 6 pence.
At court on 1 Mar 1682 Daniel sued Joseph Langdon for 2 1/2 shillings, claiming that it was owed him for his killing and dressing a cow for Langdon. Daniel lost the suit. On 23 Feb 1682, William Jacoks of Hempstead sold a half lot to Daniel Bedle.

Daniel brought an action on 6 Mar 1683 for damages sustained due to a slanderous remark made by Henry Linnington. He claimed that one day at the defendant's mill, Linnington accused Daniel of stealing a swine. A witness testified that the plaintiff answered that he had "heard that Linnington had often charged him" but Daniel could not prove it until now. The disposition of the case does not appear in the town records. On 11 Oct 1683, Daniel Beagle is listed as the owner of 9 1/2 acres of land, 4 oxen, 10 head of other cattle, 2 hogs, 12 sheep, and 2 horses [Carol M. Meyers, Rate Lists of Long Island, 1675, 1676, and 1683. Saugus, CA: RAM Publishers, 1967, p 74]. On 25 Jan 1687, the town meeting voted that Daniel Bedle be allowed to keep the pasture he had evidently bought and paid for but for which there was no record.

Daniel and Anne are identified in the 1698 Hempstead census [p 2 col 2] with their children, Thomas, Ann, David, Jeremiah, Richard, Joseph, Mary, and Abraham. Daniel, Jr., according to this census, was residing at this time with the family of Robert, Jr. [Hoff, Long Island Source Records from the New York Genealogical and Biographica Record, pp 305, 306].

Bedell Genealogy, Queens Borough Public Library, vol 2, Daniel: identifies two addition sons of Daniel and Anne, Job and Robert.

There is a record on 15 Jul 1702 of 50 acres in the "North Woods" that had been laid out to Daniel Bedell. Richard Smith of Hempstead sold on 12 Mar 1702 a meadow in "Hungry Harbor" to Daniel Bedell, the meadow being bounded easterly by Daniel's present land. On the same date a record of land that had been laid out by Daniel Bedell in the woods on the north side of the "great plains" was placed in the town books.

Henry Onderdonk, Jr., The Annals of Hempstead; 1643 to 1832; Also, The Rise and Growth of the Society of Friends On Long Island and In New York, 1657 to 1826 (Hempstead, NY: Lott Van de Water, Publisher, 1878), p 65: 16 Jan 1710 -- 20 shillings paid to Daniel Bedell for cleaning the church and taking care of it, in sweeping and opening and shutting the doors.

On 9 Jun 1712 Daniel sold to his son, David, 1/2 of his 50 acre lot in the town. On 15 Feb 1714 Daniel presented his sons, Richard and Abraham, with his homestead in the town and each with 1/3 of thesaid "meddo" and 50 acres of wood land in the "south Woods" where Daniel, Jr. was then dwelling; and all the elder's "hollows on plains." On the same date, Daniel gave his sons, Thomas and David, half the meadow and land at "Hungry Harbor;" and to his remaining sons, Jeremiah and Joseph, 147 acres at "Shearman's neck" on the east side of Rockaway River and half of the meadow at Hungry Harbor [HTR vol 2, p 447 ff]. There is no further record on Daniel in the town books, suggesting that he died shortly thereafter.

The order of the children in the census may not be correct. For example, a son of Joseph was a registered cattle owner in 1722. This would normally place the birth of Joseph nearer to that of Daniel, Jr. However, Wardwell in Tredwell, Additions and Corrections, points out that owning of cattle did occur among children not of age.

Wardwell in his comments on the Tredwell articles believes that Daniel (based on his marriage date to Ann) may have been married previous to his marriage to Anne. The Bedell Family Descendents List and the Jamaica Library Bedell Manuscript both state he first married Mary ____. The Bedell Family Descendents List states this marriage occurred in about 1670, and that she died in 1701.

The Jamaica Library Bedell Manuscript states that Daniel and Anne had two children, named Job and Robert, in addition to those listed here.

For a detailed record of Daniel in public records see the separate document, The Early History of Bedell Families.

Bedell Vertical Files, NYGBS Library, reviewed 9 Nov 1999: 1) property deed of 1671 by Robert to son, Daniel; 2) property deed 1682. 
Bedell, Daniel (I045)
756 Tredwell in "Additions and Corrections" reports that Wardwell believes this duaghter died shortly after the 1698 census of Hempstead, providing for naming of the succeeding daughter (born 21 Jun 1699) as Mary. Bedell, Mary (I081)
757 Tredwell states that "their marriage probably took place after 22 Nov 1679 and this may not have been his first marriage, but Ann was the mother of all his children."

License issued 22 Nov 1679 [New York General Entries, vol 32, p 63].
Peters, Powells of the Hudson Valley sources and notes: 1) Harold Smith Papers, NY State Library, Albany, Danield married Anne Powell as early as 22 Nov 1679, at homestead at Green Ridge. 
Family F08
758 U.S. Army
Biddle, Milford L. (I1626)
759 Union Vet Co D PA 14th Cavalry Biddle, John P. (I282)
760 Unity Twp., Westmoreland County PA Kuntz, Henry (I1416)
761 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I806)
762 Unk address on High Road Mitchell, William H. (I1623)
763 Unknown address on Park Ave Biddle, James Harry (I283)
764 Unknown address on Park Way Behanna, John (I569)
765 Unknown address on Snowdon Road Biddle, John Vincent Sr (I343)
766 Unmarked Grave Castor, Samuel (I1111)
767 US Census indicates that Charles and Emma were married in 1894 ; Both Charles and Emma's parents were from Germany Source (S93)
768 Versailles, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Koontz, Peter (I1429)
769 Was a Doctor. Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1884. Biddle, Andrew Porter (I28)
770 Was a Major General in the Army. Biddle, John (I151)
771 Was a Marine during WWI and WWII. Biddle, Anthony Joseph Drexill (I42)
772 Was in Civil War and moved to Illinois in 1867. Biddle, William Shepard (I310)
773 Was Vice President of Pennsylvania during the Revolution. Biddle, Charles (I61)
774 Watchman Biddle, William (I1620)
775 Well known business man and real estate owner in the Ambler, Pennsylvania area. Biddle, Henry Cook (I126)
776 West Elizabeth & Finleyville Rd Castor, Benjamin S. (I436)
777 West Elizabeth News (The Elizabeth Herald): Married - At The Presbyterian Parsonage, Oct. 17, 1887, By Rev. Robert Boyd, Mr. Robert Meadville And Miss Estella Biddle, Both Of West Elizabeth Family F109
778 West Elizabeth United Methodist Church Biddle, Albert Franklin Sr. (I298)
779 West Elizabeth, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Biddle, Henry Albert (I199)
780 William Biddle's name is shown as James W. in most documents. Source (S61)
781 William Calvin lived in Willow Creek, Corydon Township for the last 40 years of his life. At one time he served as road supervisor in the Willow Creek district. He was a member of the Corydon Grange No. 1205. He passed away at the home of his son Lewis in Willow Creek. On his death, William possessed 2 building lots in South Bradford (Value $200.00), 10 acres of land, brush and second growth juniper in Corydon Township (Value $500.00), 2 acres on Sugar Run Corydon Township (Value $100.00), 2 building lots in Erie (Value $300.00), 5/16 interest in 40 acre oil and gas lease in Corydon Township known as Willow Creek OIl Co. (Value $500.00), and personal propery of an estimated value of $25.00 - a 1928 Chevrolet Coupe. He left debts amounting to $1500.00 and funeral expenses estimeated at $300.00.

The Bradford Era
Saturday, May 9, 1936


Funeral services for William Calvin Holsinger for the past 40 years a resident of Willow Creek, will be held Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the home of his son, Lewis Holsinger, in Willow Creek, and at 2 o'clock at the Corydon Nazarene church. The Rev. A. J. Bellman, pastor of the Bradford Gospel church, will officiate. Burial will be made in the Corydon cemetery.
Mr. Holsinger, aged 72, died yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the home of his son, Lewis Holsinger, in Willow Creek. Mr. Holsinger was born in 1864 in Bayden, O., but for many years had resided in this vicinity. At one time he served as road supervisor in the Willow Creek district. He was a member of Corydon grange, No. 1,205 at Corydon.
He is survived by two sons, Lewis Holsinger of Willow Creek and Charles Holsinger of Custer City; 15 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.
Funeral services are in charge of Koch Memorial chapel of this city.


I, William Calvin Holsinger, of Corydon Township, County of McKean and State of Pennsylvnia being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by me.
First. I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied, as soon as conveniently may be, after my decease.
Second. I give, Devise and bequeath unto my beloved sons Lewis Benjamin Holsinger, of Corydon Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania and Charles Thomas Holsinger, of Bradford Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania all of my personal property and Household good and that the same be shared, share and share alike.
Third. I direct that my beloved son Lewis Holsinger, of Corydon Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania who is named administrator of my estate, shall sell any and all of my real property, whatsoever and wheresoever found and situate, and that the following notes held shall be paid from the monies realized from the sale of the above real property.
Note held by Lewis Benjamin Holsinger, of Corydon Township, in the sum of four hundred dollars and ninety five cents ($400.95).
Note held by Dr. B. H. Hall, of Bradford, Pa. amounting to one hundred eighty two dollars and fifty cents ($182.50).
Note held by W. O. Neilly, of Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania amounting to one hundred forty two dollars and fifty cents ($142.50) and the balance of any monies in the hands of the administrator realized from the sale of the said properties to be divided equally between my beloved sons Lewis Benjamin Holsinger, of Corydon Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania and Charles Thomas Holsinger, of Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania.
Fourth. I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved sons, Lewis Benjamin Holsinger and Charles Thomas Holsinger, all my interests rights and equities in and to the Willow Creek Oil Company, same to be divided share and share alike.
I do hereby make, constitute and appoint Lewis Benjamin Holsinger, to be my executor of this my Last Will and Testament.

In Witness Whereof, I William Calvin Holsinger the Testator above named, have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, the 30th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty six.

Page 21

To RALPH E. SCOTT, Register of Wills of McKean County, Pennsylvania

The Petition of Lewis Benjamin Holsinger of Corydon, RFD #1, Corydon Twp McKean Co Pa respectfully represents:
That William Calvin Holsinger late of the Township of Corydon in the County of McKean and State of Pennsylvania, died at Corydon Twp on or about the 8 day of April A.D., 1936, at 11:45 o'clock A.M., testate; that at the time of his death he was a resident of said County of McKean, and a citizen of the United States.
That said decedent left a last will and testament, which bears date March 30, 1936, and in and by the same nominated and appointed Lewis Benjamin Holsinger Executor thereof.
That said decedent died seized of real property of the estimated value of $1600 consisting of 2 building lots in South Bradford Bfd Township $200 also 10 acres of land brush and second growth juniper situate in Corydon Twp $500, 2 acres on Sugar Run Corydon Twp. 100, 2 building lots in Erie, Pa. 300, 5/16 int in 40 acres oil and gas lease situate in Corydon Twp. known as Willow Creek Oil Co. 1/8 bbl per day 500 and possessed of personal property of the estimated value of $25.00 1928 Chevrolet Coupe.
That decedent left debts to the estimated amount of $1500.00 and funeral expenses and future costs estimated at $300.
Wherefore, your petitioner pray that said last Will and Testament may be admitted to probate and established as and for the last Will and Testament of said decedent and that letters Testamentary be granted thereon, to Lewis Benjamin Holsinger the Executor there named. 
782 William is the son of Mira from previous marriage; Married 4 years. Mira has 2 children, both still living Source (S131)
783 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I60)
784 Worked for FDR in starting the United Nations via numerous international missions. Biddle, Eric Harbeson (I111)
785 Wrote a book called "My Philadelpha Father." Biddle, Cordelia Drexill (I83)
786 [Anderson: Bedell Family Notes: gives only two children for Mary and Simon, Mary, b abt 1685 and Benjamin, b abt 1690. Neither of these children are given by other sources.]

Marriage to Simon Germond (Jarman) (Garman) is based on inferential evidence from town records and real estate records of Dutchess County, New York. The spelling of the surname is listed in available records of Hempstead as Jarman, while those in Dutchess County use the now accepted spelling of Germond. Mary was probably married to Simon before 22 Jun 1684/1685. Simon Jarman does not appear in the list of proprietors and freeholders of Hempstead to whom John Stuard addressed his petition on 16 Feb 1692. Simon was a witness to a deed of John Robison of Hempstead to his son, Joseph Robison on 6 Apr 1697. On 26 Oct 1697, Simon Jerman of Hempstead and his wife, Mary, conveyed some real property to Joseph Please. Both Simon and Mary made their marks in signing. Neither one is listed in the 1698 Hempstead census, and it is assumed that they had relocated elsewhere.

The early records of Dutchess County identify the Germond family as early settlers. More work is required from records that have been collected in Dutchess County to complete the timeline and validation of the migration from Hempstead to Dutchess County. See the research paper, "Early History of the Bedell Families," for Hempstead Town Records entries. 
Bedell, Mary (I053)
787 \, Berks, Pennsylvania Koontz, Peter (I1429)
788 _STAT Family F290

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