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Matches 1 to 50 of 147 for Tree equals Beadle-174580

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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F261
2 F426
3 F206
(Bert), James Leslie Santee Cline, Pearl M.   Beadle-174580 
4 F208
(Dan), George Santee Cole, Darlene Marie 1 Jun 1940 Clinton, Iowa  Beadle-174580 
5 F035
(Dump), Horatio Harrison Beadle Durham, Addie 22 Dec 1917  Beadle-174580 
6 F037
(Dump), Horatio Harrison Beadle Woods, Esther E 30 Oct 1920 Greene County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
7 F103
(Dutch), Oscar Leslie Beadle Thompson, Mildred 24 Aug 1973  Beadle-174580 
8 F108
(Hank), Walter Franklin Grissom Beadle, Cyrinthia Winifred 14 Aug 1937 Vigo County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
9 F317
(Humphrey), David Humphries Walling, Sally   Beadle-174580 
10 F126
(Rox), Roscoe Martin Beadle May, Minnie   Beadle-174580 
11 F032
(Rox), Roscoe Martin Beadle (Coleman), Deda Ethel Worth 2 Apr 1914 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
12 F296
?, John Campbell Hettinger, Harriett 12 Dec 1849 Ross County, Ohio  Beadle-174580 
13 F018
?, William McAnally    Beadle-174580 
14 F189
?, William McAnally Poe, Nancy 21 Jan 1823 Franklin County, Kentucky  Beadle-174580 
15 F190
?, William McAnally Lines, Mary 17 Sep 1848 Franklin County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
16 F207
Asmussen, Henry Brown, Ethel Lee   Beadle-174580 
17 F094
Beadle, David Schley Bledsoe, Malinda 21 Dec 1905 Clay County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
18 F095
Beadle, David Schley Snowden, Cassie Mae Weir Barley 30 Dec 1908 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
19 F003
Beadle, Ernest Everett Mattox, Clara Edna Mae 27 Nov 1926 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
20 F029
Beadle, Harry Logan Followell, Nora B. 28 Aug 1915 Greene County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
21 F104
Beadle, Harry W Raley, Elizabeth Marie   Beadle-174580 
22 F022
Beadle, Joseph Andrew Followell, Lillie Belle 4 Apr 1882 A. Wards, Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
23 F039
Beadle, Noah Andrew Morris, Margaret Lee 12 Aug 1914 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
24 F012
Beadle, Oscar Blaine McAnally, Adah Ann 27 Sep 1903 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
25 F023
Beadle, William J McCray, Matilda Jane 25 Mar 1858 Philadelphia, PA or Crawford County  Beadle-174580 
26 F335
Bell, Andrew    Beadle-174580 
27 F203
Bell, David H Thomure, Effie 8 Jan 1911 Flat River, St Francois County, Missouri  Beadle-174580 
28 F300
Bell, Thomas Mary   Beadle-174580 
29 F334
Bell, Thomas Bollinger, Louisa J.   Beadle-174580 
30 F246
Bell, William Henry Roberts, Emily C.   Beadle-174580 
31 F008
Bell?, Franklin M. Wright, Frenettie Jane   Beadle-174580 
32 F205
Bell?, Franklin M. Young, Eva 5 Jul 1909 Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri  Beadle-174580 
33 F153
Blevins, Daniel Rufus Harmon, Sarah 5 Jul 1896 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
34 F155
Blevins, Daniel Rufus Wright, Lucinda Etta 16 Mar 1918 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
35 F157
Blevins, Daniel Rufus Bement, Anna 18 Feb 1922 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
36 F143
Blevins, Elisha Griffith, Elizabeth   Beadle-174580 
37 F148
Blevins, Isreal A Welling, Eliza Jane 26 Sep 1881 Clay County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
38 F176
Blevins, John G Risley, Margery 30 Mar 1862 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
39 F150
Blevins, Joseph Henry York, Istra Faye 12 Apr 1909 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
40 F127
Blevins, Oliver Camel Lang, Louisa Jane 28 Feb 1889 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
41 F284
Bose, Alfred Followell, Mary Etta   Beadle-174580 
42 F002
Brown, Charles Franklin Santee, Anna LaRuth 26 Feb 1919 Marion, Iowa  Beadle-174580 
43 F211
Brown, William Theodore Norma   Beadle-174580 
44 F020
Campbell, William Lydick, Penina Margaret 29 Sep 1827  Beadle-174580 
45 F186
Collier, Ralph Lee Thomas Blevins, Margie Floe 21 May 1921 Sullivan County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 
46 F311
Coolman, John A. Kackley, Lucy B.   Beadle-174580 
47 F325
Fabian, Christian Frederick Skeries, Irma   Beadle-174580 
48 F320
Fabian, Julius Bandholtz, Magdalena  Germany  Beadle-174580 
49 F419
Fischbach, Philipp Heimbch, Elizabeth 30 May 1683  Beadle-174580 
50 F027
Followell, David Johnson, Lydia 18 Jul 1859 Greene County, Indiana  Beadle-174580 

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