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Pennsylvania, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna E.  Jul 1862Pennsylvania, USA I381 Biddle-197721-210386 
2 Bessie  Abt 1900Pennsylvania, USA I477 Biddle-197721-210386 
3 Elizabeth  Cal 1877Pennsylvania, USA I995 Biddle-197721-210386 
4 Elizabeth  Cal 1878Pennsylvania, USA I330 Biddle-197721-210386 
5 Jennie  Cal 1855Pennsylvania, USA I1250 Biddle-197721-210386 
6 Jennie  Cal 1880Pennsylvania, USA I357 Biddle-197721-210386 
7 Margaret  Cal 1894Pennsylvania, USA I1259 Biddle-197721-210386 
8 Mary  Cal 1899Pennsylvania, USA I220 Biddle-197721-210386 
9 Nancy  Abt 1827Pennsylvania, USA I916 Biddle-197721-210386 
10 Sarah B.  13 Aug 1891Pennsylvania, USA I482 Biddle-197721-210386 
11 Amanda,  May 1850Pennsylvania, USA I1694 Biddle-197721-210386 
12 Armstrong, Sarah  Cal 1813Pennsylvania, USA I1067 Biddle-197721-210386 
13 Bailey, Paul  Sep 1918Pennsylvania, USA I718 Biddle-197721-210386 
14 Bailey, William A.  Feb 1916Pennsylvania, USA I715 Biddle-197721-210386 
15 Baker, Sarah Isabella  30 Jul 1884Pennsylvania, USA I300 Biddle-197721-210386 
16 Biddle, Albert Franklin Sr.  19 Jan 1906Pennsylvania, USA I298 Biddle-197721-210386 
17 Biddle, Alexander  Jul 1883Pennsylvania, USA I345 Biddle-197721-210386 
18 Biddle, Alice S.  Cal 1906Pennsylvania, USA I910 Biddle-197721-210386 
19 Biddle, Alitha  Cal 1908Pennsylvania, USA I331 Biddle-197721-210386 
20 Biddle, Alvin Everet  1 Aug 1899Pennsylvania, USA I877 Biddle-197721-210386 
21 Biddle, Benjamin F.  Mar 1867Pennsylvania, USA I286 Biddle-197721-210386 
22 Biddle, Benjamin H.  10 Jan 1903Pennsylvania, USA I297 Biddle-197721-210386 
23 Biddle, Beulah  Abt 1914Pennsylvania, USA I469 Biddle-197721-210386 
24 Biddle, Birdie D.  Feb 1890Pennsylvania, USA I350 Biddle-197721-210386 
25 Biddle, Blanche L.  Cal 1897Pennsylvania, USA I1037 Biddle-197721-210386 
26 Biddle, Cecilia  Cal 1910Pennsylvania, USA I332 Biddle-197721-210386 
27 Biddle, Clarence Walter  Sep 1916Pennsylvania, USA I89 Biddle-197721-210386 
28 Biddle, Clyde Hazedon  Cal 1892Pennsylvania, USA I1036 Biddle-197721-210386 
29 Biddle, Cora E.  22 Aug 1873Pennsylvania, USA I897 Biddle-197721-210386 
30 Biddle, Darwin  Cal 1915Pennsylvania, USA I1038 Biddle-197721-210386 
31 Biddle, David J.  Cal 1875Pennsylvania, USA I342 Biddle-197721-210386 
32 Biddle, Dorothy M.  28 Jun 1916Pennsylvania, USA I442 Biddle-197721-210386 
33 Biddle, Drucilla  29 Mar 1865Pennsylvania, USA I896 Biddle-197721-210386 
34 Biddle, Earl C.  Cal 1890Pennsylvania, USA I1258 Biddle-197721-210386 
35 Biddle, Elizabeth  Apr 1903Pennsylvania, USA I435 Biddle-197721-210386 
36 Biddle, Elsie M.  Jul 1889Pennsylvania, USA I1025 Biddle-197721-210386 
37 Biddle, Elsie May  Cal 1907Pennsylvania, USA I911 Biddle-197721-210386 
38 Biddle, George E.  Cal 1907Pennsylvania, USA I302 Biddle-197721-210386 
39 Biddle, George W.  Aug 1888Pennsylvania, USA I294 Biddle-197721-210386 
40 Biddle, Goldie  Abt 1913Pennsylvania, USA I1634 Biddle-197721-210386 
41 Biddle, Harry L.  Abt 1905Pennsylvania, USA I1631 Biddle-197721-210386 
42 Biddle, Harry O. Jr  Cal 1927Pennsylvania, USA I915 Biddle-197721-210386 
43 Biddle, Harry Oakley. Sr  Cal 1888Pennsylvania, USA I1035 Biddle-197721-210386 
44 Biddle, Hazel  29 Jun 1896Pennsylvania, USA I241 Biddle-197721-210386 
45 Biddle, Ida May  Cal 1873Pennsylvania, USA I341 Biddle-197721-210386 
46 Biddle, Ida May  Nov 1878Pennsylvania, USA I1022 Biddle-197721-210386 
47 Biddle, Isabella  Abt 1821Pennsylvania, USA I276 Biddle-197721-210386 
48 Biddle, J. W. L.  Abt 1835Pennsylvania, USA I1640 Biddle-197721-210386 
49 Biddle, James F.  Cal 1865Pennsylvania, USA I1019 Biddle-197721-210386 
50 Biddle, James Harry  Jan 1879Pennsylvania, USA I283 Biddle-197721-210386 

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Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biddle, Ionia  Nov 1990Pennsylvania, USA I353 Biddle-197721-210386 
2 Biddle, Joseph H.  18 Jan 1878Pennsylvania, USA I1 Biddle-197721-210386 
3 Biddle, Margaret Katherine  Aug 1948Pennsylvania, USA I1635 Biddle-197721-210386 
4 Biddle, William H. Davidson  Mar 1955Pennsylvania, USA I1624 Biddle-197721-210386 
5 Biddle, Wilma  2005Pennsylvania, USA I1636 Biddle-197721-210386 
6 Castor, Benjamin  1826Pennsylvania, USA I1097 Biddle-197721-210386 
7 McGrew, Ethyl May  Pennsylvania, USA I366 Biddle-197721-210386 
8 McLaughlin, Lillie  1979Pennsylvania, USA I228 Biddle-197721-210386 
9 Patterson, Mary  24 Aug 1862Pennsylvania, USA I249 Biddle-197721-210386 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Stearns  Abt 1921Pennsylvania, USA F598 Biddle-197721-210386 
2 Biddle / Campbell  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, USA F332 Biddle-197721-210386 
3 Biddle / Castor  Abt 1866Pennsylvania, USA F33 Biddle-197721-210386 
4 Biddle / Lynch  Abt 1850Pennsylvania, USA F73 Biddle-197721-210386 
5 Biddle / Nolder  1914Pennsylvania, USA F117 Biddle-197721-210386 
6 Meek / Mechling  Pennsylvania, USA F32 Biddle-197721-210386 
7 Parsons / Biddle  Between 1850 and 1860Pennsylvania, USA F89 Biddle-197721-210386 
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