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Philadelphia, PA



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biddle, Alexander  19 Apr 1818Philadelphia, PA I20 Biddle-184551 
2 Biddle, Cadwalader  29 Oct 1837Philadelphia, PA I51 Biddle-184551 
3 Biddle, Charles  24 Dec 1745Philadelphia, PA I61 Biddle-184551 
4 Biddle, Clement  10 May 1740Philadelphia, PA I73 Biddle-184551 
5 Biddle, Clement  10 Aug 1778Philadelphia, PA I74 Biddle-184551 
6 Biddle, Clement  11 Dec 1854Philadelphia, PA I77 Biddle-184551 
7 Biddle, Clement Cornell  24 Oct 1784Philadelphia, PA I81 Biddle-184551 
8 Biddle, Clement Miller  21 Dec 1838Philadelphia, PA I82 Biddle-184551 
9 Biddle, Edward Canby  5 Jan 1808Philadelphia, PA I96 Biddle-184551 
10 Biddle, Emily  15 Mar 1855Philadelphia, PA I110 Biddle-184551 
11 Biddle, Frances  29 Nov 1803Philadelphia, PA I112 Biddle-184551 
12 Biddle, Francis Canby  10 Aug 1842Philadelphia, PA I117 Biddle-184551 
13 Biddle, Hannah Nicholson  18 Apr 1855Philadelphia, PA I124 Biddle-184551 
14 Biddle, Helen  25 Mar 1844Philadelphia, PA I125 Biddle-184551 
15 Biddle, James  18 Feb 1783Philadelphia, PA I133 Biddle-184551 
16 Biddle, James  11 Dec 1832Philadelphia, PA I135 Biddle-184551 
17 Biddle, James Canby  23 Dec 1802Philadelphia, PA I139 Biddle-184551 
18 Biddle, James Cornell  29 Dec 1795Philadelphia, PA I140 Biddle-184551 
19 Biddle, John  28 Jun 1814Philadelphia, PA I150 Biddle-184551 
20 Biddle, John Major  2 Mar 1792Philadelphia, PA I157 Biddle-184551 
21 Biddle, Joseph  26 Jan 1801Philadelphia, PA I168 Biddle-184551 
22 Biddle, Nicholas  1732Philadelphia, PA I235 Biddle-184551 
23 Biddle, Nicholas  30 Sep 1750Philadelphia, PA I236 Biddle-184551 
24 Biddle, Nicholas  8 Jan 1786Philadelphia, PA I238 Biddle-184551 
25 Biddle, Owen  4 Jan 1736/7Philadelphia, PA I241 Biddle-184551 
26 Biddle, Rebecca  6 Jan 1812Philadelphia, PA I247 Biddle-184551 
27 Biddle, Richard  25 Mar 1796Philadelphia, PA I252 Biddle-184551 
28 Biddle, Samuel  10 Jun 1797Philadelphia, PA I259 Biddle-184551 
29 Biddle, Sara  28 Feb 1799Philadelphia, PA I262 Biddle-184551 
30 Biddle, Stratford Bradish  18 Apr 1860Philadelphia, PA I274 Biddle-184551 
31 Biddle, Thomas Alexander  23 Aug 1814Philadelphia, PA I287 Biddle-184551 
32 Biddle, William Canby  25 Sep 1816Philadelphia, PA I303 Biddle-184551 
33 Biddle, William Lyman  8 Oct 1853Philadelphia, PA I305 Biddle-184551 
34 Biddle, William Phillips  17 Dec 1853Philadelphia, PA I308 Biddle-184551 
35 Cope, Alfred  13 Apr 1808Philadelphia, PA I348 Biddle-184551 
36 Dyott, Thomas W.  21 Nov 1842Philadelphia, PA I370 Biddle-184551 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biddle, Cadwalader  29 Oct 1906Philadelphia, PA I51 Biddle-184551 
2 Biddle, Charles  4 Apr 1821Philadelphia, PA I61 Biddle-184551 
3 Biddle, Clement  14 Jul 1814Philadelphia, PA I73 Biddle-184551 
4 Biddle, Clement Cornell  21 Aug 1855Philadelphia, PA I81 Biddle-184551 
5 Biddle, James  1 Oct 1848Philadelphia, PA I133 Biddle-184551 
6 Biddle, James Cornell  30 Aug 1838Philadelphia, PA I140 Biddle-184551 
7 Biddle, John  1790Philadelphia, PA I148 Biddle-184551 
8 Biddle, Nicholas  1732Philadelphia, PA I235 Biddle-184551 
9 Biddle, Nicholas  27 Feb 1844Philadelphia, PA I238 Biddle-184551 
10 Biddle, Sara  17 Jun 1705Philadelphia, PA I260 Biddle-184551 
11 Biddle, William  1756Philadelphia, PA I291 Biddle-184551 
12 Cope, Alfred  4 Dec 1875Philadelphia, PA I348 Biddle-184551 
13 Scull, Mary  9 May 1789Philadelphia, PA I460 Biddle-184551 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Biddle / Cox  1 Jul 1845Philadelphia, PA F91 Biddle-184551 
2 Biddle / Miller  21 Feb 1838Philadelphia, PA F103 Biddle-184551 
3 Biddle / Miller  1 Dec 1842Philadelphia, PA F81 Biddle-184551 
4 Biddle / Walton  9 Sep 1841Philadelphia, PA F26 Biddle-184551 
5 Griscom / Biddle  18 Jun 1862Philadelphia, PA F141 Biddle-184551 
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