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Ringwood, Hampshire



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann,  Abt 1811Ringwood, Hampshire I94 Biddle-N53200 
2 Biles, Charlotte  Abt 1847Ringwood, Hampshire I120 Biddle-N53200 
3 Biles, Ellen  Abt 1850Ringwood, Hampshire I83 Biddle-N53200 
4 Biles, George  Abt 1851Ringwood, Hampshire I121 Biddle-N53200 
5 Biles, John  Abt 1837Ringwood, Hampshire I118 Biddle-N53200 
6 Biles, Thomas  Abt 1812Ringwood, Hampshire I116 Biddle-N53200 
7 Biles, Thomas  Abt 1846Ringwood, Hampshire I119 Biddle-N53200 
8 Browning, James  Abt 1805Ringwood, Hampshire I93 Biddle-N53200 
9 Browning, James H  Abt 1875Ringwood, Hampshire I102 Biddle-N53200 
10 Frances,  Abt 1815Ringwood, Hampshire I117 Biddle-N53200 
11 Henstridge, Mary Ann  Abt 1844Ringwood, Hampshire I272 Biddle-N53200 
12 Henstridge, William  Abt 1841Ringwood, Hampshire I276 Biddle-N53200 
13 Jefferis, Jane  Abt 1839Ringwood, Hampshire I299 Biddle-N53200 
14 Jefferis, Sarah  Abt 1838Ringwood, Hampshire I303 Biddle-N53200 
15 Plumley, Albert  Abt 1888Ringwood, Hampshire I91 Biddle-N53200 
16 Plumley, Alice  Abt 1869Ringwood, Hampshire I274 Biddle-N53200 
17 Plumley, Edwin B  Abt 1880Ringwood, Hampshire I282 Biddle-N53200 
18 Plumley, Elizabeth  1871Ringwood, Hampshire I275 Biddle-N53200 
19 Plumley, Ernest  Abt 1873Ringwood, Hampshire I279 Biddle-N53200 
20 Plumley, Ethel  Abt 1882Ringwood, Hampshire I283 Biddle-N53200 
21 Plumley, Florence  Abt 1883Ringwood, Hampshire I89 Biddle-N53200 
22 Plumley, Frederick  Abt 1875Ringwood, Hampshire I280 Biddle-N53200 
23 Plumley, George  Abt 1867Ringwood, Hampshire I273 Biddle-N53200 
24 Plumley, Harry  Abt 1885Ringwood, Hampshire I90 Biddle-N53200 
25 Plumley, John  Abt 1877Ringwood, Hampshire I281 Biddle-N53200 
26 Plumley, Reginald  Abt 1895Ringwood, Hampshire I290 Biddle-N53200 
27 Plumley, Walter G.  Abt 1876Ringwood, Hampshire I86 Biddle-N53200 
28 Plumley, William C.  Abt 1873Ringwood, Hampshire I85 Biddle-N53200 
29 Shutler, John  Abt 1865Ringwood, Hampshire I104 Biddle-N53200 
30 Small, Clara  Abt 1883Ringwood, Hampshire I106 Biddle-N53200 
31 Small, Henry W  Abt 1826Ringwood, Hampshire I21 Biddle-N53200 
32 Small, James Henry  1851Ringwood, Hampshire I55 Biddle-N53200 
33 Small, Manuel S  Abt 1854Ringwood, Hampshire I99 Biddle-N53200 
34 Small, Mary J E  Abt 1857Ringwood, Hampshire I100 Biddle-N53200 
35 Small, William (Willie)  Abt 1886Ringwood, Hampshire I107 Biddle-N53200 
36 Small, William J  Abt 1853Ringwood, Hampshire I98 Biddle-N53200 
37 Tubbs, Edwin  Abt 1896Ringwood, Hampshire I285 Biddle-N53200 
38 Tubbs, Ethel  Abt 1900Ringwood, Hampshire I287 Biddle-N53200 
39 Tubbs, Frederick  Abt 1898Ringwood, Hampshire I286 Biddle-N53200 
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