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Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biddle, Elizabeth  Apr 1880Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I265 Biddle-197721-210386 
2 Biddle, Ella J.  Oct 1882Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I257 Biddle-197721-210386 
3 Biddle, Ionia  Jun 1899Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I353 Biddle-197721-210386 
4 Biddle, Lola Irene  Jun 1893Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I351 Biddle-197721-210386 
5 Biddle, Mattie M.  3 Feb 1887Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1285 Biddle-197721-210386 
6 Biddle, Nannie A.  Oct 1895Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I352 Biddle-197721-210386 
7 Brindle, Anna Catherine  3 Feb 1837Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I985 Biddle-197721-210386 
8 Funk, David Hamilton  Nov 1849Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1279 Biddle-197721-210386 
9 Funk, Joseph Christian  Nov 1860Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1283 Biddle-197721-210386 
10 Funk, Martha A.  Est 1843Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1278 Biddle-197721-210386 
11 Funk, Mary Josephine  Cal 1854Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1280 Biddle-197721-210386 
12 Funk, Naomi Ruth  Jul 1858Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1282 Biddle-197721-210386 
13 Funk, Rachel Rebecca  Cal 1856Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1281 Biddle-197721-210386 
14 Funk, Robert Patterson  Cal 1863Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1284 Biddle-197721-210386 
15 Hesson, Howard William  28 Feb 1910Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1294 Biddle-197721-210386 
16 Markle, Albert  May 1852Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1276 Biddle-197721-210386 
17 Markle, Ella  27 Jan 1863Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1705 Biddle-197721-210386 
18 Markle, Gasper  3 Jan 1848Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1704 Biddle-197721-210386 
19 Markle, Joseph M.  Dec 1850Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1701 Biddle-197721-210386 
20 Markle, Nancy Jane  18 May 1860Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1700 Biddle-197721-210386 
21 Markle, Robert Franklin  10 Oct 1857Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1275 Biddle-197721-210386 
22 Markle, Shephard B.  15 Jan 1820Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I986 Biddle-197721-210386 
23 Mechling, Harry Frank  Cal 1854Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I32 Biddle-197721-210386 
24 Monroe, Drusilla R.  17 Sep 1823Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I988 Biddle-197721-210386 
25 Patterson, Mary M.  10 Feb 1847Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1272 Biddle-197721-210386 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biddle, Birdie D.  Jul 1962Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I350 Biddle-197721-210386 
2 Biddle, Ella J.  12 Apr 1960Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I257 Biddle-197721-210386 
3 Biddle, Mattie M.  3 Aug 1975Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1285 Biddle-197721-210386 
4 Biddle, Rachel B.  27 Feb 1944Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I258 Biddle-197721-210386 
5 Fisher, Earl L.  Oct 1984Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1295 Biddle-197721-210386 
6 Fisher, Gertrude J.  30 Apr 2007Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1297 Biddle-197721-210386 
7 Fisher, Joseph A.  Apr 1977Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1298 Biddle-197721-210386 
8 Funk, Joseph Kaufman  17 May 1881Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1271 Biddle-197721-210386 
9 Funk, Martha A.  DeceasedWestmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1278 Biddle-197721-210386 
10 Hesson, Howard William  May 1986Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1294 Biddle-197721-210386 
11 Hesson, William  28 Dec 1961Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1287 Biddle-197721-210386 
12 Markle, Albert  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1276 Biddle-197721-210386 
13 Markle, Cyrus F.  31 Mar 1919Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1277 Biddle-197721-210386 
14 Markle, Rachael F.  1931Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1706 Biddle-197721-210386 
15 Markle, Shephard B.  12 Oct 1905Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I986 Biddle-197721-210386 
16 Monroe, Drusilla R.  19 Apr 1897Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I988 Biddle-197721-210386 
17 Wilson, Mary E.  Bef 1900Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I1273 Biddle-197721-210386 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dove / Biddle  7 Oct 1901Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F420 Biddle-197721-210386 
2 Hesson / Biddle  20 Sep 1906Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F421 Biddle-197721-210386 
3 Markle / Monroe  14 Nov 1843Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F290 Biddle-197721-210386 
4 Snyder / King  Apr 1907Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F593 Biddle-197721-210386 
5 Sullenberger / Biddle  26 Mar 1903Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F423 Biddle-197721-210386 
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