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Sullivan County, Indiana



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beadle, Carrol Dean  31 Oct 1936Sullivan County, Indiana I0016 Beadle-174580 
2 Beadle, Ernest Everett  29 Oct 1906Sullivan County, Indiana I0006 Beadle-174580 
3 Beadle, Noah Andrew  18 May 1892Sullivan County, Indiana I0114 Beadle-174580 
4 Beadle, Oscar Blaine  Oct 1884Sullivan County, Indiana I0028 Beadle-174580 
5 Beadle, Robert Ernest Blaine  15 Jul 1931Sullivan County, Indiana I0002 Beadle-174580 
6 Bledsoe, Malinda  6 Sep 1864Sullivan County, Indiana I0281 Beadle-174580 
7 Blevens, Mary Ellen  9 Jan 1891Sullivan County, Indiana I0255 Beadle-174580 
8 Blevins, Corda Faye  21 Oct 1888Sullivan County, Indiana I0523 Beadle-174580 
9 Blevins, Ellender  15 Oct 1848Sullivan County, Indiana I0449 Beadle-174580 
10 Blevins, Goldie May  3 Apr 1891Sullivan County, Indiana I0414 Beadle-174580 
11 Blevins, James  9 Aug 1854Sullivan County, Indiana I0454 Beadle-174580 
12 Blevins, James Harrod  1865Sullivan County, Indiana I0503 Beadle-174580 
13 Blevins, Oliver Coy  4 Mar 1851Sullivan County, Indiana I0453 Beadle-174580 
14 Cahal, Cora E.  12 Sep 1877Sullivan County, Indiana I1113 Beadle-174580 
15 Gadberry, Leslie Olen  23 May 1883Sullivan County, Indiana I0413 Beadle-174580 
16 Gregg, Evey Edith  23 Sep 1901Sullivan County, Indiana I1142 Beadle-174580 
17 Mattox, Clara Edna Mae  7 Sep 1910Sullivan County, Indiana I0007 Beadle-174580 
18 McAnally, James Ellsworth  12 Jul 1864Sullivan County, Indiana I0036 Beadle-174580 
19 McGarvey, Albert Russell  19 May 1882Sullivan County, Indiana I1091 Beadle-174580 
20 McGarvey, Clifford Ray  9 Sep 1899Sullivan County, Indiana I1136 Beadle-174580 
21 McGarvey, Emma E  27 Oct 1867Sullivan County, Indiana I1107 Beadle-174580 
22 McGarvey, Hershell Scott  10 Jul 1895Sullivan County, Indiana I1096 Beadle-174580 
23 McGarvey, James Hardy  20 Jun 1887Sullivan County, Indiana I1093 Beadle-174580 
24 McGarvey, Martha Lorine  17 Mar 1867Sullivan County, Indiana I0037 Beadle-174580 
25 McGarvey, Ora Ethel  18 Nov 1892Sullivan County, Indiana I1095 Beadle-174580 
26 McGarvey, Samuel David  11 Jan 1846Sullivan County, Indiana I0038 Beadle-174580 
27 McGarvey, Sarah Elizabeth  1854Sullivan County, Indiana I1103 Beadle-174580 
28 Peterson, James Maxwell  16 Dec 1906Sullivan County, Indiana I1147 Beadle-174580 
29 Raines, ?  3 Jan 1882Sullivan County, Indiana I1125 Beadle-174580 
30 Raley, Elizabeth Marie  29 Jun 1921Sullivan County, Indiana I0303 Beadle-174580 
31 Siner, John Hardy  28 Jun 1857Sullivan County, Indiana I1127 Beadle-174580 
32 Springer, Thomas A  21 Feb 1888Sullivan County, Indiana I0527 Beadle-174580 
33 Thomas, Charles Albert  25 Feb 1889Sullivan County, Indiana I1120 Beadle-174580 
34 Thomas, Herschel Roscoe  4 Apr 1884Sullivan County, Indiana I1117 Beadle-174580 
35 Thomas, Nellie  10 Mar 1887Sullivan County, Indiana I1118 Beadle-174580 
36 Wilson, Mary E.  9 Sep 1846Sullivan County, Indiana I0634 Beadle-174580 
37 Woods, Esther E  30 Jul 1904Sullivan County, Indiana I0109 Beadle-174580 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beadle, David Schley  5 Jul 1917Sullivan County, Indiana I0262 Beadle-174580 
2 Beadle, Harry Logan  1 Aug 1936Sullivan County, Indiana I0091 Beadle-174580 
3 Blevins, Hezekiah  23 Aug 1869Sullivan County, Indiana I0437 Beadle-174580 
4 Blevins, John G  16 Feb 1920Sullivan County, Indiana I0459 Beadle-174580 
5 Blevins, Oliver Coy  5 May 1926Sullivan County, Indiana I0453 Beadle-174580 
6 McAnally, Adah Ann  23 May 1963Sullivan County, Indiana I0029 Beadle-174580 
7 McAnally, John Mason  21 Jul 1898Sullivan County, Indiana I0054 Beadle-174580 
8 McAnally, William Wallace  25 Mar 1924Sullivan County, Indiana I0055 Beadle-174580 
9 McGarvey, Martha Lorine  7 Jan 1915Sullivan County, Indiana I0037 Beadle-174580 
10 McGarvey, Willard Earl  5 Jun 1997Sullivan County, Indiana I1137 Beadle-174580 
11 Snowden, Orr  25 May 1879Sullivan County, Indiana I1163 Beadle-174580 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beadle / Mattox  27 Nov 1926Sullivan County, Indiana F003 Beadle-174580 
2 Beadle / McAnally  27 Sep 1903Sullivan County, Indiana F012 Beadle-174580 
3 Beadle / Morris  12 Aug 1914Sullivan County, Indiana F039 Beadle-174580 
4 McAnally / McGarvey  31 Dec 1882Sullivan County, Indiana F014 Beadle-174580 
5 McGarvey / Engle  10 Jul 1895Sullivan County, Indiana F390 Beadle-174580 
6 McGarvey / Mckinney  4 May 1872Sullivan County, Indiana F372 Beadle-174580 
7 Welty / Beadle  8 Nov 1883Sullivan County, Indiana F042 Beadle-174580 
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